MEIRCELL specializes in battery-pack assembly for electric vehicles, making sure to adhere to the high-standard manufacturing procedure required for this emerging field.

For the past several years, MEIRCELL has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of custom energy solutions for the EV market. These batteries are used in commercial and military EVs, as well as land and underwater robots and UAVs. MEIRCELL works closely with its customers to develop advanced energy storage systems that meet the developing specifications for EVs in both the commercial and military sectors.

PRODUCTS - batteries


6T NATO Li-Ion Battery Pack 25.2V 160Ah

  • High Performance and Safety Design
  • Superior Fire Performance Characteristics
  • Rugged, High Impact Housing Design
  • Full array of safety protections
  • CAN Bus Communication Interface
  • Comply to MIL-STD-1275E/461G/ 810G, UN38.3, SAEJ939
  • State-Of-Charge Indicator
  • NSN item, used in military vehicles