MEIRCELL owns complete standard IDF & NATO battery packs and chargers, and has the capability to customize solutions for other military devices.

MEIRCELL is an authorized supplier of leading defense companies in Israel and other global partners thanks to its engineering expertise in the development and manufacturing of smart batteries and chargers for specific military uses. Our batteries and charger management systems are fully compliant with and often exceed the very strict Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) requirements and regulations for handheld military devices, and include protection, balancing and communication circuitry. Our broad product range is suitable for a variety of tactical devices, radio communications, UAVs, as well as satellite, radar, counter-terror and cyber devices.

MEIRCELL also offers a unique portable charging solution that functions with any portable energy source such as primary and reserve batteries, solar panels and fuel cells. Our mechanical engineering expertise ensures that our battery packs and chargers meet the temperature, shock, vibration, and immersion requirements of every kind of tactical operation.

PRODUCTS - batteries


6T NATO Li-Ion Battery Pack 25.2V 160Ah

  • High Performance and Safety Design
  • Superior Fire Performance Characteristics
  • Rugged, High Impact Housing Design
  • Full array of safety protections
  • CAN Bus Communication Interface
  • Comply to MIL-STD-1275E/461G/ 810G, UN38.3, SAEJ939
  • State-Of-Charge Indicator
  • NSN item, used in military vehicles



The MRB-1226M is a rugged Rechargeable High Power Li-Ion Battery Pack for industrial and military purpose.

The pack is based on high quality Lithium-Ion cells and equipped with state-of-the-art Smart electronics, which provides all needed safety features, fuel gauge and communication interface.

The watertight, crushproof and compact design gives the ideal solution for the outdoor portable power supply in industrial, tactical or military applications.


Li-Ion Smart Battery Pack with SMBus and 1-Wire Interface

This 230Wh battery pack is engineered and designed for use in a world-wide tactical environment, and is manufactured to meet and exceed MIL-SPEC and ISO9000 methods and procedures. The battery is built using 24 UL1642 certified LiIon cells giving 15.6Ah of total capacity.

The battery comes with state of charge indicators, SMBus and 1-Wire Interface port.

For use in PRC-80, PRC-730, PRC-2200 Radios.
Replacement for BA-3791, TNC-2188.


Rugged Li-Ion Smart Battery Pack with SMBus


  • High Energy Density Lithium Ion cells
  • Rugged, high impact case design
  • Flexible output voltage: 15V or 30V modes
  • SMBus V1.1 Smart Battery compliant
  • State-Of-Charge indicator of remaining capacity
  • Full array of safety protections
  • NSN item, used in military communication devices


Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

This 57Wh battery pack is engineered and designed for use in a world-wide tactical environment, and is manufactured to meet and exceed MIL-SPEC and ISO9000 methods and procedures.

The battery is built using 6 UL1642 certified Li-Ion cells giving 5200mAh of total capacity.

Replaceable or compliant to:
BT6624, BT6625, MR6240, MR624, TNC624

PRODUCTS - Chargers




  • Smart Balancing Charger for high count cells in series (up to 20s for Li-Ion/Li-Poly 24s for LiFePO4)
  • Wide range input voltage: 24-90VDC
  • Charging current: up to 10A
  • Intelligent Proprietary charging algorithm and temperature control
  • Precise measurement accuracy: 1mV
  • Charging mode/indication/status LCD display
  • Hard Plastic case with external electromechanical interface


8.4V Li-Ion Battery Car Charger


  • Safe and Fast charge for 8.4V Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Packs
  • CC-CV charge method
  • Safety backup termination at maximum time
  • Pre-charge qualification
  • Charge status indication by two LEDs
  • Over charge and short circuit protection
  • IP65 Rated
  • MIL-STD-1275A Protection